What did our guests and participating groups think about our 

2022 Canterbury-Bankstown Children’s Festival in Revesby?

The Children’s Festival Organisation delivered yet another incredible showcase of our State’s extraordinary diversity in Canterbury-Bankstown! Over the past 23 years, the Children’s Festival Organisation has worked tirelessly to bring thousands of families together to celebrate our cultural diversity. The NSW Government is proud to support this amazing festival, which fosters a sense of cultural pride and allows us to enjoy the world’s wonderful array of customs and traditions. (The Hon. Mark Coure MP, NSW Minister for Multiculturalism and Minister for Seniors)

For more than 20 years, the Children’s Festival has brought together families from all cultural backgrounds, to celebrate Australia. This year it was particularly special to welcome many Ukrainian families to the Revesby event. Thank you to Thuat Van Nguyen AM for his great leadership of the Festival. (The Hon. David Coleman MP, Federal Member for Banks)

 ... It is a celebration of young people and our modern Australia. It is a beautiful event that brings our whole community together. This was the twenty second Children's Festival in Bankstown and thirty seventh in NSW. It is clear that the Children's Festival has more than met the hopes of our community. lt has contributed to harmony building demonstrated by the enthusiasm of participants on display.… Due to the pandemic, our community has missed out on this amazing Festival. I am thrilled that we now get to enjoy it once more and look forward to many more festivals to come. (Mr. Jihad Dib MP, Member for Lakemba, Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, and Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change)

It was a beautiful day to be out in Revesby on Sunday visiting the awesome Children's Festival. After being postponed due to the weather, it was a perfect day for such an event. Thank you to Thuat Van Nguyen AM for putting on such a great festival! (Ms Wendy Lindsay MP, NSW State Member for East Hills)

Great to be at the Bankstown Children Festival today at Revesby earlier today. Special thanks to Thuat Nguyen AM and the Organising Committee on a terrific event which showcased our rich multicultural traditions and customs. Well done to all the families and children for their amazing contributions today! (Ms Tania Mihailuk MP, NSW State Member for Bankstown)

It was a great day. I thoroughly enjoyed the festival(Lucia Johns, President, NSW Federation  of Community Language Schools)

Congratulations on another successful event.   It was our pleasure to be there. (Tony Harb,  Deputy Unit Commander, Bankstown SES)

I sincerely thank you for organizing beautiful Children's Festival....You have a fantastic team. We’re impressed with your work and your professionalism. The event was successful thanks to your event coordination, crowd management, and logistical support.  (Irina Goodhew, Harmony Russian School)

Thank you so much for letting our kids participate in the recent CF. Next year CF, I will make sure to invite more Filipino kids. We had a great day! (Beth Lofthouse, Angel Charms)

Thank you  it was a pleasure to be part of your festival… Great festival as always and my girls enjoyed the show! (Grace, Sydney iDance Studio)

Congratulations on the success of the Children's Festival on recent Sunday. We thank you and your team for your hard work.  Well done all! and we look forward to seeing you at the next event. (Mam Hansavesa, Buddharangsee Thai Community Language School)

Thank you, ABCD kids had an awesome time at the festival! Thanks also for the Facebook videos, that's fantastic! (Flavia Julius, ABCD Brazilian Students)

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Children’s Festival reflects the success of Australian multiculturalism 

(Indian Newspaper Sydney)

Children’s Festival reflects the success of Australian multiculturalism By Indian newspaper Sydney on October 31, 2022

The NSW Minister for Multiculturalism, Mark Coure, told the audience at a festival in western Sydney today where children from dozens of cultural backgrounds danced, sang and played together, that the state’s greatest asset was its people.

“Today’s celebration and the diversity we have are wonderful examples to the rest of the world of what multiculturalism can be and our children certainly are the future face of that success.

“We have successfully settled people from 300 different ancestries, multiple languages and over one hundred religions and today’s festival is a wonderful example of that.

The Opposition Frontbencher and Member for Lakemba, Jihad Dib, endorsed the Minister’s words but said we should not forget what our roots are or what are our histories and traditions.

“The Children’s festival”, he said, “reminds us that every single person has a place in our society”.

The Founding President of the festival now in its 24th year, Mr Thuat Nguyen AM, thanked the community for its support over a quarter of a century and said his goal was always: “To celebrate who and what we are as a wonderfully successful and unique multicultural society”.


Message of Support from The Hon Tony Burke MP, Federal Member for Watson, Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Minister for the Arts. Leader of the House of Representatives 

Message of support from The Hon Jason Clare MP, Federal Member for Blaxland, Minister for Education 

Message of Support from The Hon Mark Coure MP,  Minister for Multiculturalism, and Minister for Seniors 

Message of Support from Ms Tania Mihailuk MP, Member for Bankstown

Message of Support from Mr Jihad DIB MP, Member for Lakemba, Shadow Minister for Emergency Services, and Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change

Message of support from Mayor Canterbury Bankstown Council, Clr Khal Asfour

Dear Residents

I am proud to once again support the annual Children’s Festival 2022.

The Festival brings together young performers from across our City and showcases their talents in a unique and colourful extravaganza for all the community to enjoy.

Traditional costumed displays from many different cultural organisations, a symbolic show and testament of our City’s diversity and inclusiveness. And what better way to portray this than through the eyes of our children.

I congratulate and thank the President of the Children’s Festival Bankstown,  Mr Thuat Van Nguyen AM, and the entire committee, for their outstanding work in bringing this Festival to life.

I wish them every success, and I encourage all residents to get behind this event and to help make it the best yet.

Clr Khal Asfour


Message of support from Mr Joseph La Posta, CEO Multicultural NSW